Clubs & Extra Curricular Activities

There are a variety of clubs and extra curricular activities for students to join throughout the year. Our aim is to create a happy, caring and co-operative school community, which celebrates learning in all of its forms. Staff and parents work together to develop capable, confident and tolerant students. This contributes to a relaxed, focused experience for the student. The existing clubs and activities are listed below.

Arts and Craft Club

Art, Craft and Design enables students to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of color, texture, form, pattern and different materials and processes.

The objectives of art, craft and design are as follows;

  • To enable children to record from first-hand experience and from imagination and to select their own ideas to use in their work.
  • To develop creativity and imagination through a range of complex activities.
  • To improve the children’s ability to control materials, tools and techniques.

Cooking Club

Cooking with Kids motivates and empowers primary school students to make healthy food choices through hands-on nutrition education activities.

The objectives of Cooking with Kids are that:

  • children will engage in positive sensory experiences with a variety of healthy foods.
  • children will identify personal food preferences.
  • children will practice food preparation skills.
  • children will learn about cultures of the world.

Smart Mas Club

Smart Mas is an advanced way of mental calculation applied when making quick or accurate calculation by using the “abacus” as a tool.

The objectives of Smart Mas are:

  • It develops their mental capability and boosts children’s intelligence.
  • It helps in developing many skills; memorizing, concentrating, analyzing, imagining, team work, thinking logically, expressing thoughts, self-confidence, and speeding up.
  • All this will lead to greater achievements in various disciplines since all the curricular activities are integrated and inter-related.

Qur'an Club

Qur’an club encourages and trains students to abide by the rules of Islam, to uphold the good manners in Islam and to recite Qur’an well.

Spanish Club

The Spanish club is dedicated for our children to learn and improve in the Spanish language. In this club the main goal is learning Spanish through fun activities.

The objectives of Spanish club are:

  • Children will learn the basic Spanish constructions.
  • Enable students to learn the main Spanish vocabulary related to the key topics, and step-by-step they will be able to make sentences and have basic conversations.

Story Telling Club

Story telling club is so important to help children learn and engage in their subject matter and teaches our children how to listen to stories, and how to tell their own.

The objectives of Storytelling Club are that it:

  • Encourages Discussion.
  • Creates Enthusiasm and Excitement for Reading.
  • Improves Listening Skills.
  • Develops Creativity.

Aerobics Club

Aerobic Club is important for children.  It helps keep their heart, lungs, and blood vessels healthy.  It can also help them keep or get to a healthy weight.

The objectives of Aerobic Club are that it:

  • Educates, using a comprehensive but physically active approach;
  • involves teaching social, cognitive, and physical skills;
  • achieves other goals through movement.
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Quran [2:164]