AL Wahda Private School

Al Wahda Private School offers world-class facilities to the students to make them comfortable and also help them learn new things with practical learning.

School Library

Ample reading and reference books are provided to the students to enhance their reading skills and facilitate additional support to their learning abilities.

Physics Laboratory

For students to acquire the manual and mental skills associated with learning physics, it is essential that they are fully engaged in laboratory activities. This requires sufficient equipment and laboratory stations.

Chemistry Laboratory

The school science laboratories are places where our children gain hands on experience. Learning by doing is the mantra which forms the underlying theme on which these laboratories function. The chemistry labs in every school are well equipped with the required things and help students learn a lot of things and gain knowledge.

Biology Laboratory

The bio labs in schools have all the facilities one requires to gain knowledge about the human body or the natural phenomenon. The students in these labs are taught about the basic things about the bio nature in practical life. One learns and understands things only when they are done practically.

School Clinic

Safety and well being of the students is paramount. We have excellent medical first aid facility for the school with highly qualified, dedicated and experienced in-house doctor and nurses.

Arts Room

Art Subjects need space where students can spread their work, sit at ease and interact with teacher easily. The things to consider when organizing the art class room are cleanliness, light and temperature. The art room adds glory to the school with the beautiful paintings also it fills the mind with an unknown bliss.

Computer Laboratory

Technology advancement has affected every sphere of life especially education. This has changed our perception of what a school should provide for its students. In times of booming technology, the computer labs at Al Wahda Private School provides the appropriate platform to the students.

Books Store

The facility of book store is available in school so that the students do not any face problem in finding the academic books also they can get other books related to their syllabus over there. The book store will also have other referral books during the examination time.


Al Qarayen 3, Near Sharjah Airport
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