AL Wahda Private School

Al Wahda Private School now has online school fee payment option in association with Paytabs our merchant service provider.

Parents can now make the fee payment online via a secured payment link shared by the school accounts office.

The school accounts office shall create invoices online on the portal mentioning the following details:-

  • Student Name/ Parent Name
  • Email id of the parent
  • Local cell-phone number
  • Ref no for tracking (each invoice created should have a unique id)
  • Fee description (Outstanding term wise, Registration Fee, Re-Registration fee, Book Fee, Transport fee, Optional Fees)
  • Fee amount (Full/ Partial)
  • Discount if applicable
  • VAT

Once the invoice request is submitted online by the school accounts office, an auto-generated payment request email and SMS is sent to the parent attaching the invoice created by school accounts.

The parent can then click on the payment link “ Pay now”. 

 The parent shall be routed to a secured page of Paytabs. The parent can then input his VISA/ MasterCard debit or credit card details and submit the request.

Once the parent makes the fee payment, the payment link expires immediately, and the link is no longer active. 

 An email to school accounts office is immediately sent by the Paytabs confirming the receipt of fees. The school accounts office shall send a fee payment receipt to the parent.


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