AL Wahda Private School

Al Wahda Private School fulfils the educational needs of an eclectic mix of students from varied parts of the world. At Al Wahda Private School we accommodate an environment for learning which focuses on the holistic development of the child. The academic, creative, emotional, moral, social and physical needs of every student are addressed through specially formulated programs.

KG follows the California Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten in English Language Arts and Mathematics. We also follow the Next Generation Science Standards, supported by lesson plans and informational books from National Geographic.

Other areas of learning are supported by the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, which describes the skills, behaviors and knowledge that programs must foster in all children up to age five.

Our philosophy is learning through play. Through play, children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.
Learning Journeys are recorded via an application called Kinderloop.

Kinderloop provides a safe and secure way for childcare providers to share information with parents, through real-time updates. Kinderloop is secure and private, and photos are only shared with invited family members and staff. The Kinderloop Login is an authenticated login that enables a communication portal with our parents.

Technology is incorporated via the following programs:
Smarty Ants, which differentiates instruction in foundational reading skills, and IXL- e-Learning – web practice service which provides skills in math, English and science. There is a Smart Board in each classroom and KG uses the school iPads once a week.

Differentiated Arabic lessons are taught four times a week, and Islamic lessons twice a week. Qu’ran lessons are optional and are taught every morning before school.

With the unprecedented support of our parent community, we hope to make our institution one of the premier institutions in the vicinity.


Al Qarayen 3, Near Sharjah Airport
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