AL Wahda Private School

The maximum number of students in a class is 20. There is a Teaching assistant as well as the class teacher to support in KG1 and KG2.

Al Wahda Private School welcomes staff from all nations to work at the school; these include staff from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Therefore, there is a unique mix of all countries.

Yes, our wonderful Parent Association regularly meets to ensure that ‘Parent Voice’ is continuously taken into account in the day-to-day running of the school. We greatly appreciate the active role they take in supporting the ongoing success of Al Wahda Private School. A parent is also on our school’s Governing Body.

Due to our long-standing establishment within the community, we have a very high number of applicants every year. Depending on the year group there is a different ration of acceptance. However, 10-12 grades have the highest level of subscription. All students are asked to sit a short entrance exam or interview before they are accepted at the school.

All the teachers and students at Al Wahda play an active role in monitoring students’ progress and attainment. The school carries out all formal tests required by the Ministry of Education such as CAT4, MAP Assessments, SAT, PISA, EMSAT and internal school exams. Throughout the term, students’ progress and attainment are constantly reviewed and monitored by staff and this is shared with the students and the parents. This helps to ensure that all students are fully aware of their own learning journey. Students are rewarded through constant positive praise within the classroom as well as certificates, notes to parents and awards.

Parents are actively encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life. Each year starts with Parent Meetings to announce any new initiative, give briefings on the year ahead and to let parents know the best ways to contact the school. Then, throughout the year, parents are invited to participate almost in all activities and celebrations held outside the classroom and make comments on their child’s work, give feedback and discuss with the teachers their child’s progress. Each term parent-teacher days are held where parents come to have specific meetings with their children. Parents are also encouraged to take an even more proactive role in school life where they are invited into school to give talks and join in with activities such as sports events or healthy eating snack-making.

The school maintains the safety of its students and staff at the highest level. We understand, without feeling happy and safe, students will not reach their potential. The behavior is always commented on by the inspectors as a strength of the school during the Ministry Of Education reports. It is expected that there will be mutual respect towards all members of our school community and Islamic values create the basis for our behavioral vision. Students are praised throughout the school because of their attitudes towards learning, demonstrating moral values and their academic achievements.

Islamic Studies and Islamic Values are at the core of everything we do here at Al Wahda School. The Islamic values are interwoven across the curriculum and the everyday running of the school to ensure that Islam is always at the heart. Arabic and Islamic Studies are taught across the school by a team of highly trained and experienced teachers who aim to use up-to-date pedagogues of teaching alongside the traditional core value of the Arabic and Islamic culture.

Technology is playing a growing role in the life of all members of the Al Wahda community. Every classroom has interactive a smart TV and 100% Wi-Fi access for teachers and students, updated with new interactive software. These are used to allow students to be active participants in their learning, accessing online games, websites and programs such as Education City. Fully equipped Computing Labs are used by all the students to improve their ICT skills as well as research skills in cross-curricular learning. A new laptop trolley has also been invested in to allow technology to come further into the classrooms and expand cross-curricular learning.

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