AWPS Transport Fee
Sr. No Route Area 2022-23
Yearly Fee
Two Way One Way
1 Sharjah Al Rahmaniya ,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, Al Rifa'a , Al Ghubaiba , Al Jareena,, Al Qarrayen 1,2,3, 4,5, Al Samnan, Al Shahba , Al Tarfana, Al Muwaileh , University City , Al Darari , Al Khezamia , Al Nouf 1,2,3,4, Al Saja'a , Al Zubair, Al Barashi , Al Siyouh Al Buhaira , Al Majahz , Al Qasimia , Jamal A Nasir Al Falaj , Al Goaz , Al Muwafjah , Al Ramaqiya , Al Riqa , Nasseriya , Swehate Al Fayha , Al Azra , Al Falaj , Al Wasit, Elyash, Marqab, Ramtha Rahmaniya Al Khan , Al Buhaira , Al Ghubaiba , Al Majahz , Al Nahda , Al Taawun 4,000 2,000
2 Ajman Ajman,Ajman City , Al Jurf , Hamidiya ,Muwaihat, Nuaimia , Rashidiya , Roojah ,Ajman City , Al Qarrayen 1, Muwaihat , Nuaimia 4,500 2,250
3 Dubai Al Nahda , Al Qusais , Oud Muteena , Al Warqa 5,000 2,500

All Al Wahda buses are fully compliant with SRTA regulations and have additional safety features to protect your child including GPS and RFID tracking systems, CCTV and a child safety button. please refer to our Transport Policy for more information.

Transport Fee

A parent will have to avail the transporation for the full year and will not be given any option for opting monthly services. The full year transportation fees will be collected by the school at the time of enrolment or re-enrolment as the case maybe.
The transport fees may be collected term wise or in full as the case may be, however the collection cannot go beyond the dates as mentioned in Fee & Discount Policy.

Forms to be submitted

• All required and fully completed Transport Contract.

• Registration Form.

Please send a copy of the signed forms to  please retain a photocopy of the document for future reference.

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