Message from the Principal

Principal’s Message

Alhumdulla Sobbanallah - Allah Akbar

I am happy to have the opportunity to serve students, serve parents, serve staff, and serve the AI Wahda community. AWPS is here to Serve Students. AI Wahda Private School is dedicated to continuous improvements to ensure the growth of every student and the lifelong success of ALL students. We are developing ESL support programs, improved Inclusive education, a Nursery, and applying to become an IB certified school.

Real life success does not depend on Marks or 100%. Life is about failing, falling, and striving to be better. Our goal is to align with Zayeds Vision and the UAE Agenda to be # 1 . The UAE began with thoughts, words spoken, a vision, and relentless actions. The Power of Hazza AI Mansouri's thoughts brought him to space. We want the thoughts and actions of AI Wahda students to manifest, so they create the futures they want for themselves. Our focus is on teamwork to help students become the best Doctors, Lawyers, Businessmen/woman, astronauts, entrepreneurs, engineers,and Police.

Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are pillars to our daily lives. We develop the skills of recitation and memorization of the Holy Quran. We strive to have each student apply their beliefs through charity, community outreach, and daily interactions. Our goal is to develop students into leaders who apply Islamic principles with their words & actions.

I look forward to getting to know everyone.

Jazakee/Jazak Allah Kher

Mr. G.

Principal, Al Wahda Private School

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