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Our Facilities

Al Wahda Private School's spacious campus offers a range of facilities for all students. The school infrastructure and facilities are designed to facilitate the learning and recreational needs of our students, both indoors and outside.

We welcome you to visit us to view our wonderful facilities and see our school in action. Please complete this form to book a tour.

Learning Environment

Al Wahda classrooms are equipped with interactive smartboards and internet connectivity. Scope for research and project-based learning are at the core of our learning activities. Our learning environments and workspaces encourage students to collaborate, and engage in critical thinking and problem-solving.

Our students are encouraged to bring their own devices and use technology safely and innovatively for learning. Our ESL support and inclusive education programs are in place to meet the needs of all students.

Our learning environment includes:

  • 4 Computer Labs
  • 5 Science Labs
  • 2 Lecture Rooms (Gender Neutral)
  • Sensory Room
IT Suite and School Library

The IT suite provides an environment for our key ‘coders’ to focus on their next steps. The Al Wahda library is stocked with books for all ages and is available for the use of students and staff to engage in research or read for pleasure.

Sports Facilities

We have an array of sporting facilities at the school, and our students have ample scope to play and engage in sports activities all year round. Students at Al Wahda can enjoy indoor games like chess and table tennis and outdoor play in the designated courts for the different sections.

Our indoor facilities include an air-conditioned sports hall/gym and are designed to facilitate uninterrupted sports activities even when the weather may not be suitable for outdoor play. Our specialist PE teachers deliver the sports curriculum across the school to all students, with a focus on developing healthy lifestyles.

Our campus includes the following facilities for sports and physical activities:

  • 2 Playgrounds (Gender Neutral)
  • 2 Volleyball Courts
  • 2 Basketball Courts
  • KG & Nursery Play Areas
  • Indoor Gym
  • Happiness / Fitness Area
Indoor Multi-Purpose Hall

Our state-of-the-art indoor multi-purpose hall has a seating capacity of 370 people and hosts school programs and events that include the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school.

Multiple Café Facilities:
We operate designated school cafeterias for the KG /Elementary, Girls Section, and Boys Sections. Our in-house clinic team ensures quality control and the provision of fresh and healthy refreshments for our students. In addition to the focus on healthy eating, the cafeterias and spacious canteen halls in each section offer ample space for our students to assemble and enjoy their break time.

Designated Prayers Areas :
A designated prayer area is available in each section for the use of students and staff.

Find us in Al Qarayen 3 Near Sharjah Airport

Al Wahda Private School is located in Al Qarayen 3. Near Sharjah Airport

If you require any assistance finding us, or if you would simply like some additional information about the surrounding area, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are always happy to help.

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