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It is my pleasure to give this message to our respected parents, supporters, guests and visitors.
We are from the prestigious city of Dubai, with a vision and dream to “Go Global”. Our great country of United Arab Emirates has been the home of some of the worlds renowned corporate

from Airline Industry, Oil Industry, Hospitality Industry, Health Care etc.
Our Country has eminent promoters in modern education. Our country also has an ambitious programme in the development of education to make it one of the high-level destinations for education in the world. We join hands with this moment wholeheartedly.
The ATHENA group is blessed to have one of the most highly-reputed UAE national companies to be its major promoter. While I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to him, I am happy to share the DREAM OF ATHENA from its modest beginning in the year 2015.
ATHENA is committed to the development of World Class Education. We provide , as an educational service, for everyone with our British Education, US Education and Indian Education services.

Our services start at Pre-School level continues to A-Level. We have schools that offer education at low affordable fees to education at higher fees.As of today, we have a team of more than 2000 staff, working at all levels and that include nationalities from UK, Europe, the Middle-east, Egypt, Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
We are also the home for children of 42 nationalities aspiring for the best education. Our schools employ educational software and tools that support learning and development.
Teaching is also supported by specific programs for the development of the English language, English accent, science, Maths and Technology, arts and development, as an integral part of the Curriculum.
Apart from the curriculum standards of UK, USA and India, we have integrated the UAE NATIONAL AGENDA TARGET, as well as the 6 Pillars of ATHENA into our curriculum.
Athena’s pillars are focused to developing the brilliance of every child in academics, Skills, creativity, learning independence, Home values and environmental harmony at varying levels of understanding.
The National Agenda and ATHENA pillars are targeted to develop global citizens who shall deliver services to the world community based on two heartfelt values which are:
1. Ownership and Involvement
2. Love and Care.

We look for to be a community of professionals totally committed to education focused on our values so that our students become Global Citizens, nurtured in the prestigious city of Dubai and the Country of UAE.
I wish every reader, Happiness, Peace and Harmony in their lives.

Mr. V.N.P Raj
Managing Director/ CEO
Athena Education


Al Qarayen 3, Near Sharjah Airport
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