List of Documents Required

If your child has passed the entrance exam /MAP test at school, you will be required to provide a complete set of documents mentioned below to proceed with the admission formalities. Please note that, until all the documents are provided and the relevant fees are paid (within the stipulated time frame) your child’s admission is not confirmed.


  1. Copy of the student passport with the unified number,   and residence visa (for non-citizen) .
  2. Copy of the birth certificate.
  3. Three recent passport-sized photos.
  4. Copy of the family book (خلاصة القيد) for UAE nationals only.
  5. Copy of the student UAE ID.
  6. copy of the vaccination card only for earlier stages.
  7. Student Medical file from the previous school.
  8. Conduct certificate from the previous school.
  9. Academic transcript of last two years.
  10. Academic transcript of last two years
    Attested by E-Dhs. for a student coming from a different curriculum for grade 9-12.
  11. Transfer Certificate from the previous school.
  12. Transfer Certificate from the previous school attested by E-Dhs. (For students from the  other Emirates).
  13. Academic transcript from last attended school(if the school was outside the UAE, these transcripts must be attested by the competent authorities /Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs &the relevant embassy/consulate before being submitted.
  14. Copy of guardian’s/father’s valid passport with a valid residence visa.
  15. Copy of Father UAE ID.

* If the student is transferring from another Emirate then the Transfer Certificate should be attested by the Education Authority of that particular Emirate. (For all grades)

* Overseas students are required to provide the transfer certificate attested by the following authorities.
(For all grades )

  • By the school
  • Ministry of Education/Board
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country.
  • UAE Embassy in the home country or the relevant home country consulate in UAE.

UAE Ministry of Foreign affairs in UAE.

Kindly refer to the Year Group Equivalence chart, to help you for the age-level-grade guidelines.

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