Admission Philosophy

  • The admission philosophy of the school is inclusive, and students who have special needs (SOD) are admitted, after a detailed assessment, if the school has the facility to support their special educational needs. Also, admission to SOD children will be granted based on the availability of the seats.
  • If any students with these difficulties were identified and to enroll then reasonable adjustments would be made to ensure that their needs were met and that they are fully integrated into the school community.
  • Notify the principal in writing if they are aware or suspect that their child (or anyone in his or her immediate family) has a learning difficulty, and the parents must provide the school with copies of all written reports and other relevant information.


Parents are expected to

Provide the school with copies of all medical, psychological or educational assessments or reports before entry to the school. Such materials are a prerequisite in enabling the school to provide the best education for your child. Failure to disclose any such information, including the deliberate withholding of information, may result in your child not making the expected progress in school

Parents will be asked to withdraw their child if, in the professional judgment of the principal and the child’s teachers, and after consultation with the parents and with the student (where appropriate), the school suspects that such vital information about special needs has been deliberately withheld.

Contact Info
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Quran [2:164]