Department of Inclusion

We at Al Wahda Private School, are committed to brace UAE’s vision to be fully inclusive by 2020.

All our leaders share a strong inclusive ethos and understand standards of inclusive education particularly for the Students of Determination (SD)/students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), pupils with Gifts and Talents (G&T) and students with chronic medical conditions. As a fully inclusive school, our learners feel welcome, accepted, safe and valued.

The Department of Inclusion comprises of highly qualified professional specialist staff with international credentials and experience, Learning Support staff and Pastoral Care staff.

The specialist staff and teachers administer a range of standardized assessments as a part of an effective and ongoing identification process across the school.


Specific intervention plans are developed including Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) and Behavioural Modification Intervention Plans (BMIPs) to suit the unique needs of each child. Our teachers modify the curriculum to make learning more personalized.

The students have easy access to known and trusted counsellors and their emotional and behavioral wellbeing is closely monitored by regular therapeutic modules and counselling.

The students in higher grades receive effective personal and career guidance to help themselves in their transition to higher education. The quality of comprehensive support enables almost all students with SEND to make their best personal and academic progress.

We are a data-driven school and the assessment data is analysed effectively to plan intervention and to use feedback and monitoring as part of the assessment procedures for the Students of Determination. We engage parents as partners in all the stages of SEND/G&T provisions and value parental opinion in shaping SEND improvement priorities.

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Quran [2:164]