KG Campus


Delryn Steyn – KG and Early Learning Center Campus Principal

Delryn graduated in 2004 with a teaching degree, specialising in Early Education and Special Needs. She has over ten years teaching experience in the UK teaching Nursery through to Year 6. For the last six years before moving abroad she was an Early Years and Key Stage 1 Coordinator, Maths and Science Coordinator, as well as leading several after school clubs including a very successful Drama Club. She is also a qualified Music Teacher, specialising in Piano and Voice. She directed the Infant Choir and several school concerts at the private school she taught at for several years. A quote by Mark Van Doren that best describes her working ethos: “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery”.


Susanna Elizabeth Reyneke – KG Teacher

Hi! My name is Katherine McDonald and I’m super excited about joining Al Wahda School as a Kindergarten teacher! I have 5 years of teaching experience working with grade 1-4 children, but this year I have loved every minute of teaching Kindergarten children and can’t wait to meet you all!
My teaching experience and qualifications have all been undertaken in Norwich, England, and my specialisms are Art, English literature and Psychology.
I absolutely love being a teacher and can’t wait to share your exciting learning journeys with you! My aim is to help you to grow into aspirational, skilled and thoughtful citizens of the future filled with lots of sparkle and we will achieve this together by taking part in lots of fun, exploratory adventures!


Marilize Zeelie – KG Teacher

I earned a Bachelor of Education degree cum laude from North West University in South Africa. I have six years of experience as a Primary teacher. In South Africa I taught Science to Grade 6 students for 2 years and later I taught Grade 5 students English for 2 years. I travelled to Doha, Qatar in 2014 and taught English, Math and Science to Grade 3 students in an International School. My teaching approach is through hands-on activities and through active learning, I believe a child learns best by doing.

Primary Campus


Carin Styles – Class Teacher

I am Carin Styles from the beautiful country of South Africa.
I earned my Bachelor of Education Degree at WITS University in Johannesburg.
I have almost 20 years teaching experience in primary schools in the South African education system, which has changed many times over so many years. During my experience I have been a class teacher, sports coach, head of a sports department, run my own tutoring business, managed a technology training company and worked at a high school head office. I have finally come to the conclusion, that it is when I am in the classroom, that I find my happy place and feel most at home.

I am a hard worker and only accept the best results for myself. I hope to instil this work ethic in the students that cross my path at Al Wahda Private School and for students to realise that hard work is always rewarded. I am so excited to be working with the young children at this school and am especially excited to watch them develop and mature into responsible and enthusiastic learners, that are able to contribute positively to the UAE.

Middle & High School


Sam Cole- Boy’s Lower Middle School Campus Principal

Before joining Al Wahda Private School, I worked as an Assistant Head of Year and PE Teacher at a successful school in Ipswich, UK for 4 years. I was trained in England at the University of East Anglia, and I also hold a BSc in Sports Science from the University of Southampton, a PGCE (M) and more recently a MA in Advanced Educational Studies. My beliefs in education are built upon mutual respect between student and teacher, consistency, fairness and equality, and I look forward to working with the students at the school to achieve this. My passion is sport and fitness, so during my free time I enjoy playing football, tennis, gym and challenging myself in new sporting environments.


Ciara Dorgan – English Teacher

I am a high school English teacher who has been teaching in the U.A.E since 2011, and in Ireland since 2009. I graduated from a university in Ireland with an honors B.A in English, and went on to complete my postgrad in education in the University of Sunderland. I am privileged to have joined Al Wahda School, and I have been instantly impressed by the enthusiasm and positivity shared by the students and the staff here. I believe in creating a teaching environment which is caring, nurturing and safe which allows my students to grow both academically and socially. Providing interesting and differentiated lessons, I aim for my students to reach their full potential before beginning their journeys towards university. Having a keen interest in art, design, reading, and writing, I hope that my love for English and creative tasks will help my students become passionate about the language while they also improve on their basic skills.


Michael Downes – Physics Teacher

My name is Michael Downes and I am from the Republic of Ireland. My degree is in double Mathematical Science from the National University of Ireland. I have taught in the Middle East for the last 8 years in Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE. Before this I taught Mathematics and Physics in the US, Russia, UK and my home country Ireland.

At present I am head teacher of Physics in al Wahda private school in the American section from years 10 to 12.


Irina Comanescu – Maths Teacher

My name is Irina Comanescu from Romania. I have a degree and masters in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Bucharest, Romania. Before coming to the W -School I taught in the US, UK, Kuwait ,Qatar and my home country Romania.
I am delighted to be mathematics teacher in the girls section years 8 and 9 and am really looking forward to the coming academic year.


Dave Adams -Boys PE Teacher and Extra Curricular Coordinator

I join the PE department with over 9 years of teaching experience gained in the UK. With a keen interest in sport from an early age I turned my attention to teaching, after gaining a Bachelor’s Degree, in order to inspire young people to share my passion for physical activity.

Even before my formal teaching training began I always had a desire to broaden my horizons by working and living outside of the UK. After working with young people in both Mainland Europe and North America, prior to completing a PGCE at the University of East Anglia, I knew I had to pursue a career as a PE Teacher.

I look forward to getting to know all the staff and pupils at Al Wahda School.


Charlotte Carpenter-Girls PE Teacher and Extra Curricular Specialist

Charlotte is a fully qualified teacher with over 5 years’ experience teaching in both the UK, America, Canada and Italy .She has worked in the sport and leisure industry for over 10 years, from kindergarten to college level.
She adopts a holistic teaching philosophy where she believes it is important to teach the whole person, recognizing that each learner is different. Charlotte is very passionate about PE and claims it provides the framework for skills, knowledge and attitude that will allow learners to become successful members of the community.
Charlotte’s main sport is football where she was also accredited as the first ever female FIFA referee in her home country of Wales, and represents her country regularly all over the world. Her other hobbies include traveling and sport.


Sinead Melinn-Girls PE Teacher and Extra Curricular Specialist

Sinēad Melinn believes sport has a distinct power to develop all the fundamental psychological and physiological skills required.
Throughout the teaching and coaching field she has a range of experience working in elementary, middle and high school in both the UK and America.
Sinēad has vast experience leading a wide variation of fully inclusive physical education lessons.

Creating sustainability within local clubs and facilitating development pathways.Sinēad’s hobbies involve; family, sport and traveling.Throughout college and university Sinēad has represented her country through football.
Within the ‘W’ school Sinēad & Charlotte will be the female PE department, they have a fantastic working relationship, this leading to huge success in their previous role at former premier league football club, Cardiff City foundation.