Kindergarten is essential for the development of a student in many areas. It gives a child an opportunity to socialize and communicate with other children their age. Early development of communication skills is vital as it becomes the foundation of a good conditioning and character, with long lasting effects into all the child’s future social interactions. Read More 



Primary school at the W School of grades 1 to 4. Primary School is an important chapter in a child’s education, we are committed to supporting  each child’s social, emotional and intellectual development. Students are encouraged to explore, experiment, inquire, invent, imagine and play.  Read More


Middle School


Middle school at the W School of grades 5 to 8. During this phase of life, children have learned to adapt to their environment. This is however a time of growth mentally, physically, emotionally and holistically. This period shapes their hopes, dreams and ambitions for the future. Read More


High School

high school

Grades 9 – 12 form the High School section of the W School. In this section, students are given clear choices that will help them determine which career or life path to follow. Within the school walls, children develop their self esteem, confidence, competence and overall well being. Read More