WSchool is a preparatory ground for students, offering a system of education starting with the Kindergarten section through to the High School section.Research and evidence based material coupled with clear comprehensive content is provided to students with a view to developing their knowledge.Students are also primed and prepared for success in their chosen fields and the world at large.

The Curriculum at W School is American. Developed for K-12 schools, this system has a standard set of grade specific objectives. The school ensures that students are taught and conditioned to become experienced with the standards and perform optimally. Our curriculum is KHDA approved. Additionally, we are an NCA accredited school (previously known as CITA). Therefore, we are proud to say that our education meets and surpasses ll the quality requirements based on modern, internationally recognized standards of the educational board.

We at W school provide students with the necessary support in terms of tutoring, special classes and so on in order to help students become effective learners. Every individual students abilities, needs, learning style and achievement capabilities are provided for in this system. It is no wonder then, that W School is the leading private school in Sharjah offering an American curriculum.

For more information on our Curriculum, please visit the Common Core Standards page or Next Generation Science Standards (