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Smart Classrooms

Digital Age of Learning: Building an environment to prepare our students for an ever-changing IT-driven world of the Future

Al Wahda Private School believes in forecasting the future and preparing its students for that future. One of the fastest changes that we have seen over the past couple of decades has been the advancement in IT entering our lives at an ever-increasing speed. We believe that this change will become increasingly rapid and therefore increasingly difficult to forecast. We have therefore committed ourselves to imparting skills to our children that would make them capable of dealing with an ever-changing world.

The school uses a whole range of software in the class for Teaching and Learning, for independent and group research, for assessment, recording, analysis and reporting. All this is ably supported by a robust digital infrastructure. For a beginning, we have strengthened the passage of information and learning from the cloud to the hands of our students. The core communications infrastructure pathway at our school includes access to high-speed internet bandwidth, robust wifi networking throughout the school, laptop-cum-tablet devices used by each teacher, Interactive Panels and finally Tablets in the hands of each and every student in the classroom.

Digital Literacy and Technology plays a big role in developing all of these characteristics for our modern classrooms. Our SMART classrooms enhance the learning experience and prepare students for higher education and the workforce.

The focus of a 21st -century classroom is on our students experiencing the environment they will evolve as modern-day workers by developing their higher order thinking skills, effective communication skills and collaboration skills, which will make them adept at using technology and all other skills that they will need in the 21st century workplace.

- Student-centric

- Active learning

- Responsibility of their learning

- Collaborative learning

- Computing devices

- Adaptive learning

- Performance-based assessments

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Quran [2:164]